I have a dream that I will be
on the sandy shore of Carthage one day,
to reimburse the Punic collateral
taken unlawfully by a cruel Mars!

The vast blue oceans that keep me away,
will be my ride when the time comes
but when? I too have often asked myself the same.
When did Hannibal brave the Alpine chill?

I do not think Lord has plucked me
or may be, for I burn nevertheless
to right the wrongs and write some songs
in praise of an all encompassing love!

Love is how the earth lets a seedling grow
or how the clouds empty their vaults
after flying for weeks in the wind’s flow
or how the moon dogs an ever fleeting sun!

Perhaps I shall arrive at the shore of my dream
or perhaps I shall drown and be
another Phlebas for eternity!

But if I reach my home I have found in your eyes,
I shall humbly ask for your hands and say,
I have come my Love, now please make me thine!



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