Hello! How has life been of late?
Autumn was depressing you said,
Perhaps summer would bring delight,
Peace and prosperity onto
Your enviably promising life!

Bedouin blood rushes through your arteries,
Incessant pulses of a Berber’s heart
Revitalizing its red carriers with
The fuel needed to burn your next batch of thoughts.
How humble and yet bold you are in being free,
Defying the received norms of ignorance,
Apathy and absurd intolerance,
Yet open enough to sound rationale!

Take a bow my dear Muse from the core of my heart
On this special day out of gratitude and love.

Knights have long ceased to tread the ageing earth,
Haunted sweetly by the visions of a queen
On a castle tower, forlorn, I know but
Lo and behold, in your mind if you can,
Once again though unarmored a knight walks
On the forest trek he paved in his dreams
Destined to pledge these words as a humble offering!


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