Is it sad, unfortunate or downright ironic,
that despite all, my words, deeds and thoughts
seemed insincere and ridiculous in your eyes?


Yes I am a jester, a motley fool,
whining like a gadfly, a hunchbacked descendant
of Tiresias, Abelard, Hamlet, Faustus, Quixote,
Descartes, Rousseau, Adonis and the Fisher King
who sadly became a cross in between
J. Alfred Prufrock and Bernard Shaw;
a ridiculous mix on any page of history!


Or perhaps the faults do not lie
in my stars, as I have so far claimed
but with the peculiar instance of time
a crossroad that is yet to be named,
when the world in general, has grown to be
fond of summarily ridiculing sincere thoughts!


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