I bought liberty at the cost of life.
For the freedom to close my heart and eyes
on the glittering brightness of the world,
I said adieu to my remaining days.


Not necessarily though, I have died;
if one could proclaim, to breathe is living
and breaths stacked on laborious breath is life!
Do we only die with our final breath?


The desire to live is a common thing,
found in all life, static or on the run
and the desire to grow and replicate
but if that is so than from the moment
of my birth I have been barely alive,
for the ever gnawing emptiness, lodged inside!


4 thoughts on “Buying Liberty With Life

    1. i am grateful for your generous compliment … my sincere apologies for the delayed response… still trying to relish the hard earned liberty as a lifeless zombie… so far so good… thanks a lot for stopping by.


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