I can see your face,
yet we are so far apart.
I can feel your touch,
though our fingers are not intertwined.
I can smell you in the air,
even when there is no wind.
I can hear your footsteps echoing
through the corridors of my heart,
while I know you have always walked
on a different plain.


I’m enraged, feeling abandoned,
little bittersweet but confused above all-
why bitter and what on earth could have made it sweet?
Have these sensations, both heavy and venomous,
been making my tongue taste like lead?
Does your emptiness make me incomplete?


I do not know anything, and even trying
feels like an ocean too wide for me –
an ocean, I feel no more
strong enough to sail across and see
what is waiting on the other side,
but I know in my heart that I have to be,
unbroken and untamed, with an astute resilience.
So I spread my fiery wings and rise,
like a Phoenix, from the ashes of all my deaths
in your indifference, and soar into the sky!


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