Of all the earthly color, my favorite one is blue!
And in thy glory, even azure oceans fade in hue!
In green you resemble the Nature as if you two are one
and you are everywhere down to humble mosses and ferns!


But woe! Enough said already? Perhaps. How could I tell?
Silence chills and soothes and I shiver all the same,
trembling in deep shock and awe from inside, but in the end
seems I love you even more
than I have loved you ever before,
because of nothing but the color of your soul!


In red you remind me of Menaka,
the Nymph famous for her beauty, and in pure white,
of Parvati, the daughter of the Mountain King!
So, sometime I remain calm, contemplating
like Vishvamitra, the great-saint
and some time I become Shiva-like, tumultuous –
destroying and preserving both, like a raging flood,
or churn the seas to drink the poison, floating in their blood,
depending on the color of your soul,
and in the end I love you even more
than I could have loved you ever before,
because of nothing but the color of your soul!

Vishwamitra & Menaka :

Menaka was one of the most beautiful celestial nymphs. When king Vishwamitra started his first meditation, Menaka was sent by the gods to lure him out of it. She was successful, by the grace of her divine beauty. They fell in true love with each other which resulted in the birth of a daughter. Their grandchild was called Bharata. The name of India in Sanskrit and other languages descending from Sanskrit is Bharata. However, when Vishwamitra came to know about Menaka’s initial intent (of luring him out of his meditation), he cursed her to be separated from him forever.

Parvati :

She is one of the three daughters (Ganga or the river Ganges was another) of Himavan, the mountain king. Along with Lakshmi and Saraswati, Parvati forms the trinity of goddesses or Tridevi. She is the wife of Shiva. It is said that Parvati embodies the amalgamation of divine knowledge and mother earth.

Shiva :

Along with Brahma and Vishnu, Shiva forms the trinity of gods, Trimurti. He is the god of destruction. Shiva is famous for saving the seas of the world from poison administered by the anti-gods, during their epic battle with the gods. With Parvati, he forms the androgynous god, Ardhanarishwara.

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