Dedicated to Prof. Jaharat Ara, for her precious and timely gift.


And now I drown into the abyss of my thoughts,
the color changing from light to a deeper blue,
and then to pitch black darkness, like a moonless night.
I drown past the scuttling crabs of my libido,
past the undulating kelps of my acquired words – 
trying to stop my descent into the Absolute,
with myths and fictions, construed thousands of years ago.
But I was taught by a Waterfall, so I am
always unbent, unbowed and untamed, falling down!
And I drown past the legends of laws, religions,
past the petty states, nations and empires and their
made up histories as well. I have seen many bands
of wise chimps, exuberant in their genocides.
Drowning past them all I am one with the pure Nothing now!


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