Someone said it, and I remember who,
but when, I forgot. Was it yesterday,
or in my previous life, I cannot tell.
“You must love yourself first, before you can
truly love another soul.” Yes, I know
how vital loving oneself has become,
in today’s synthetic world, poisonous
and not just that, highly venomous too,
for it will so often bite, like a snake,
and the toxic thoughts will course through our veins,
returning to our lovelorn hearts and brains.
So, I must admit, loving oneself is
one of the ways. Is it the only one?


Human beings have a part of God, they say.
If that is so, we are part God within
and of course, part the human beast as well.
A beast that can murder and create, a beast,
who can both kill and make love, just for fun,
and do things, undreamt of in our philosophies!
Yet, we can choose, can we not, which of these
two, we shall cherish and nurture in life!


If we choose our Godly side, which is One,
and nourishing, let it grow to its bloom,
let it color our entire existence –
the human beast, its heart, brain and the godly soul
we do not need to love ourselves, any more
to love another human being, because –


“He prayeth best, who loveth best
All things both great and small;
For the dear God who loveth us,”
She made and loveth all!


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