A Sister

A Sister
Dedicated to HeartBeatsBlue


I had a sister in the Amazon,
a solitary Onça-pintada,
this is the tale of how humans violated
her habitat, killing her in the end!

They chopped and burned down the trees to construct
a mighty wonder of human progress
amid the grandest one of Nature’s own
and still my darling Nature sustains them!

She had battled on for many centuries,
while the Dodo and the giant Mammoth failed
but she could only fight so many wars
before yielding to human avarice!

Earlier she had been jailed too, so I heard
for protesting against humankind’s poisoned darts!



The Curse of Humanity

When a blind rage starts dancing in my blood,
I lose control like an ocean
hit by a vicious Tsunami
and rain havoc upon the reeking world.

Injustice, vanity and avarice
shake the core of my existence,
as if a submerged volcano
has erupted after a long dormancy.

It seems to me, of late such vices have become
more abundant among the populace
or perhaps they have always been like this,
just that I was ignorant until recently!

Wish I had grown up on a planet, virgin still
and light years away too, from the curse of humanity!

The Manifesto of a Psychopath

Let me kill them all, the rich and the poor, O God,
let me kill them all, the rich for treating the poor
as filthy slaves and the poor for having such
blind awe for the rich ones as if they were lords!

It is good that after all like Hamlet,
I too suffer from procrastination,
for otherwise there would have been at least
blood of ten thousand lives on my hand by now.
Everyday the list keeps growing long
with names both great and small to be killed,
everyday my urge keeps growing strong
to hurt them mortally and watch them bleeding dry.

They are both the rulers and those being ruled,
the subjects for their misplaced tolerance
and the kings for their unbridled avarice,
while mothers are being raped and fathers, chopped to death,
while prices soared against a dwindling currency
and distance kept rising between the rich and poor.

So, as it seems, here the sun has set forever
and here the wind of change will never come,
unless we can start anew through another war
or a disaster breaks us all apart
yet, these I can neither start nor afford.
It is good that unlike Hamlet, I cannot yield a sword!

Hear ‘The Manifesto of A Psychopath’ being read by me