An Autumn Hymn

An Autumn Hymn


What is the Autumn wind doing now,
blowing so hard to drive away
the piled dust of my yesterdays?
If Autumn is so sweet, what shall Spring be!


What is the Autumn wind doing now,
rekindling my dead thoughts across
the fences armed with barbed hatred and mistrust?
What about Spring, if Autumn can do that to me!  


The Autumn wind is growing strong
to make the empty clouds floating seaward,
to be revitalized by love with rain,
for turning the next monsoon wet and lush again!


The Autumn day was too hazy with fog,
until she arrived, perched on a white flash of light
to repel the shadows and leave me mesmerized,
the color of the sky grew sweeter by her face!


The Autumn wind brought her my love and set me free!
If Autumn’s like that, how plentiful would Spring be!





Though you sent loneliness to my heart
inside I have found solitude, instead
and my Love, when you’d packed your hatred for me,
pure indifference was all I could see
as I unwrapped the shining foil from it, later!

So you have sent me a painful life now
but I’m not worried at all as by the time
your precious gift will reach my residence
its content will be changed for sure, I know,
into an end, so blissful that will make
you, fall in love with the beauty of Death
and see your final hours in a different light!

My Love, you can send me even more of those if you want,
for they too will become gratifying for me, in the end!

Death of A Soul

Well, I have tasted betrayal and I have tasted hatred too
and I have shed both my tears and blood from the pain.

Perhaps you are thinking that I have had enough
of these crippling emotions for a life but no,
I shall taste them over and over yet again,
happily, instead of a little indifference!
For the bitterness of both betrayal and hatred pale
against that of an indifferent human heart.

Behold the moon, shrouded by those fair and foamy clouds,
can you see how the silver light is growing red!
It happens when a warm heart grows indifferent
and I know, somewhere a soul had its final breath.

But of course, humankind being so adept at adapting,
we can live normally even without a soul, inside!



And My Home

When rage leaves you blind
and desperation reaps through your bones,
let me show you love still exists
along the blue scars of your mind.

Put your hand firm in mine,
let me take you far away from this world
of hatred, lust, greed and deception,
to the realm of the clouds, divine.

You are my cozy warmth
in winters, my shade in the scorching sun.
You are the air I need to live
and my home when I’m on the run.