My Spirit Animal

My Spirit Animal

Yes, I too have an animal inside,
and not too deep either, just beyond my skin,
lurking forever to come out and claw
and bite its way to things dear to itself!
I know, it cannot be a Dog for sure,
for wishes or commands, it does not care,
not even if they were mine. So I feel,
it has to be a Raptor or a Cat,
it has a mind of its own, raw and wild,
too curious about all things on the move.


So, am I a cat because I have one inside?
If I am, let me be a Jaguar, for I stalk
both the ground below and the branches overhead,
or maybe I am an Eagle, soaring and watching from the sky!


A Sister

A Sister
Dedicated to HeartBeatsBlue


I had a sister in the Amazon,
a solitary Onça-pintada,
this is the tale of how humans violated
her habitat, killing her in the end!

They chopped and burned down the trees to construct
a mighty wonder of human progress
amid the grandest one of Nature’s own
and still my darling Nature sustains them!

She had battled on for many centuries,
while the Dodo and the giant Mammoth failed
but she could only fight so many wars
before yielding to human avarice!

Earlier she had been jailed too, so I heard
for protesting against humankind’s poisoned darts!