In The Mood For Love

In The Mood For Love
Dedicated to Kholood Azz,
the most beautiful human being I have met so far,
for rekindling my love in the humankind!

In the shadows a violin comes to life.
The sadness from her sustained agonies
seeps into the wilderness of my heart.
The flash of memories, both old and new,
at my door returns, like a long lost friend
and I wonder if I am dying at last!


I can feel the soft wailing of the strings
ravaging through my organs from inside,
annihilating me like Nirvana.
Then I knew, with a shudder and a heave,
from my wild cravings to be at your side
what being in the mood for love truly means!


I grow weary of my existing form,
what good has this human shape done so far!
Wish I could have been the gentle wind instead,
blowing inland from middle earth’s northern shore
and softly play with your cascading locks,
as you look up at the evening star!


Being a nimbus cloud too would have sufficed
and float towards my destiny, against
the rotation of the earth on its poles
to hold you with my shadows from the sky,
when the sun is too rude on your sacred face
and drown your sorrows in the joy of rain!


Sadness But Me!

Sadness But Me!

Should I have tried to catch a falling star instead?
Finding a fair soul has become a fairy tale!
Should I have sung the song of life on my deathbed?
How much courage does it take to say, I have failed?


Where have those days receded now, save from memories,
when to love was nothing less than being canonized?
How come the same throbbing be fleeting pleasantries
or swirling rapids, crowned with white foams, human life?


Being a proper fool, I have seen too much and lost
my innocence along the way, for nothing’s free
in this wretched world but save these words in permafrost,
what you call sadness in fact isn’t sadness but me!


No matter how hard one tries to win the wars in their life,
no one has, can or ever will get out of it alive!



Memento (2000)

Memento (2000)

The following poem was conceived last night while watching the great movie
alluded to in the title. I dare pray that you may enjoy reading the poem as much
as I have enjoyed watching the movie! Thank you!


Sorry, who are you, come again!

Yes, of course I can remember
but what it is I cannot tell,
for honestly I do not know!

Sometime the whiff of a familiar smell,
sometime the pang of a dreaded sound,
sometime the fading outline of a face –
bringing back the thoughts of a distant life
and wild love growing oblivious somehow
but I’m sorry, who are you, come again!

Pardon me, if my words seem rude to you,
for that I do not mean to be
but I have this pitiful condition
and I am bad at remembering names
among some other things both great and small,
so who are you, you’d have to come again!

As you claim, if you truly know me well,
answer me, please elucidate
am I the one I think myself to be
or someone else, perhaps the one you see
or is there yet another face –
a third, mysterious one for each of us!

No, you have the right to say anything
and everything to your heart’s content,
for they are your memories, never mine
and I shall forget them soon, anyways!
So unleash your sting and say what you want,
for in the end as friends we shall depart!

Yes, I hope to meet with you very soon again
but pardon me, if then too I ask for your name!



An Outpouring, Resolved*

An Outpouring, Resolved*

*I hereby reclaim my Refugee status as a Poet, this piece is to celebrate that Reclamation!


O, for the sight that will drown my senses
in bright yellow of the sunflower fields
and the purple lavender, the gold of wheat,
the blue hills on the distant horizon!

O, from the touch of Mistral blowing in
from the Mare Nostrum to the south of there
oft have I learned to face the chill of life,
in a past older than my memories!

In the Bactrian blue of the starry night
and the ochre glow of talks with smoke and wine
oft was I left in endless wondering,
“whence are we, and why are we, of what scene?”

But then again, how long can a dream of life be
with madness all around in our feigned sanity!



Losing All

That night was dark,
almost as dark as hell,
even no thunders flashed,
although a storm
was raging overhead.
Only a gushing wind
amid a violent rain
gnawed at my existence.

I was losing,
everything and everyone
that I had ever loved
and held dear to my life.
An emptiness within
crept upward to my brain
from the core of my heart!
Each and every face,
all my sweet dreams
and memories, I saw
them spreading wings
and to oblivion, soar away!

I was so scared, trembling
in apprehensions, dark
of the unknown and solitude
and I thought it was better to be dead!

Well then I fell asleep,
the storm still raging overhead,
stripping me of my life
but as I woke up the next day,
my empty heart did feel
so light and gay, I thought
I was in the heaven, no doubt
for I felt no worldly ties too,
either to myself or the world,
liberated of its fever and the fret!

Soon I came to know that I had
never left the earth, third son of the light
but by losing all earthly bonds I have
found happiness of the eternal kind!