6 Minutes of Charity!

6 Minutes of Charity!

Dear fellow Poets and Bloggers


I am back after yet another hiatus. As I have mentioned earlier, days have become rather hectic since my decision to become a professional YouTuber. Fortunately I love to learn new things, so getting hands on experience in computer graphics and animation has not been too tedious an adventure for me. Still, I should admit, being a novice it takes me more time to animate a character on screen than it does to give it words on a page. To cut a long tale short, after about a week’s scripting, recording, animating, rendering and editing, I have finally managed to put together a 5 minutes and 40 seconds long video. It is a compilation of some basic facts about Bangladesh. I would be honored if you could give me 6 minutes of your precious time and see the production @ Episode 01: Bangladesh.

My YouTube channel, Amit Rahman is also online and I humbly yet insistently urge you to visit it. I wanted to name the channel ‘Two Bits’ but for that I needed to create a new gmail account as well as a new channel. Instead I decided to use the existing one and not spend time for a new account or channel’s growth of credibility, because I have run out of all sorts of sustenance. I have literally scraped all the pennies in my jar to revamp this computer to avail upgraded software products for animation and editing but ran out of it before I could purchase some necessary equipment like a semiprofessional microphone and video recorder.

So, please see the video, as your views will be my only source of sustenance. Also please help me to make the channel grow by clicking the subscribe button, for without your subscriptions my channel has no credibility to the rest of the world. I hope I am not asking for too much. I know this is not the Christmas season and with so much violence and bloodshed all around, I wonder how long even Christmas can keep on making people grow kinder and more charitable to each other! Nevertheless, I believe you can consider giving my channel some of your time an act of charity.

I hope you all shall be as supportive of my creative works @ YouTube as you have been so far on WordPress. Thank you!