Missing Poetry

Missing Poetry
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[Forewords]: Regretfully, since starting the channel @ The Lone Wolf Creations, I have not been able to write poems at all. Here are some words I just wrote while brooding over the fact. After all, as a poet, no act of creation makes me feel more complete than the act of writing a poem.

Am I officially single now, a celibate?
Where are the words, the sole love of my life?
O my dear syllables, how I miss your throbbing gaits
on our bed, discolored pages, once white!

And I miss playing with your minute phonemes as well,
through my fingertips, throbbing even more
at the sheer bliss of heaven while being in a hell,
that is what creation feels like to my core!

So, please show me your countenance, my dear poetry,
for I have sought you like the whirling waters seek
the comfort of an ocean in their destiny
as they keep falling down from a blue mountain’s peak!



© Amit Rahman, 27 August 2016

The First Cause

The First Cause
Dedicated to Ruth


Though I have only sowed the seeds of dream,
I end up reaping nightmares all the time!
Perhaps cruel Fate has ordained my life so
but it has also willed me to become
soft as water, so I can only rise
when one tries to push me down a rabbit hole!
Is it a curse or a blessing in disguise?
My honest answer is, I do not know!

I have sought the answer from the mountains
of the world, some a silent witness to
rise and falls, stretching across millennia
while some, the very birth of humankind
and their exodus from the motherland
but they remained as silent as they were!
So I hurled the question to the oceans,
that are more ancient than the mountain peaks,
so they might have said something in response
but their words were drowned in the cleaving groans!

Once the earth has failed thus to answer me,
I shifted my focus to the heaven’s eyes,
all those twinkling diamond specks that you see
across the vast, cloudless hood of the night!
One of them, almost as old as the universe,
took pity and said this, in soft, audible whispers,
“O brave soul, your efforts deserve a loud applause
but you’ll know the truth only if you can find the First Cause!”



My Spiritual Sadism

My Spiritual Sadism


Yes, the real world is cruel, of course I know;
still my loving friends, as the sweetness of
her venoms flowed through my brittle veins
I could find myself once again,
alive and vigorous and breathing too
for nothing beats the vigor of her plights!


Of all the things this world can throw at me,
her fatal venoms I have loved the most
and forever will, how sweet and blissful,
when riding my blood, they are slowly spread!


The sweetness of her venoms aids me too,
in freeing myself from all her fevers and the fret!
Yes, I need her pains like water needs flowing by,
but just like water, pushed down I can only rise!