Tell me, my heart, where I was! I recall,
falling free the other night through a rabbit hole
into the mist of liquid light beneath,
brighter than life but muter too than Death!

At first I had my eyes closed for a while
without conscious thoughts, out of fear perhaps
but once the light pierced my closed eyes and soul,
it calmed me and soon had them opened wide.

As the liquid lake of light engulfed me
and my feet came to rest on its marble bed,
it was a grand sight unlike anything
I had ever seen in life until then –
I found myself in a vast and wide hall
where the air had been transformed into light
and I was breathing it in and out, though
both remained evenly hueless and bright!

Then my skin grew transparent, I could see
the liquid light flowing free in my veins
and arteries and oh, the ecstasy
of enlightenment driving me insane!

When it was over and I resurfaced,
I asked myself the same thing yet again,
was it real or just happened in my head
but my question met silence, all the same.

So I have turned to thee, o my humble heart
in this dire need to know, greet me not with blank eyes,
tell me why I have stopped living in the real world
and begun dwelling in that world of dreamful lights!




26 thoughts on “Liquid Light

  1. What can I say about this? I was deeply moved and touched by these words and you have captured this intense and profound moment SO SO exquisitely. This is writing from deep within the soul…such bliss and beauty… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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