A Duet With Bindu (first edit by Bindu)

When the humid wind turned soothing cold
and the sweltering sun buried below
the dark grey clouds,
my wait to greet the rain – I could feel,
would be over soon.
As Gods played Diwali in the sky,
Thunders, blue and white
appeared to my eyes.
I thought I could hear your song
and your sigh!
Yesterday you said, it was raining there,
and when I asked you for some,
You replied, ‘But that I cannot share’!
Deep down I knew,
your love was too sublime
to deny me anything from your heart.
So when the raindrops smelled like you
I wasn’t surprised at all, I was,
rather soaking wet
from the rain
and glowing from your love.

This new rain dances on my face
as I search for you, on the horizon.
And it lingers my over my skin,
making me long for your touch.
I wonder if you could hear my song
tell you, that to you, I belong!
I watch the wind caress me
in his arms,
bringing your whispers,
your passion, your words!
The thunder and lightning startle me!
And I hear the Gods
mocking my foolishness!!
But what do they know
about two entwined souls
reaching across those dark grey clouds.
And when the raindrops smelled like you,
I knew I had reached my sanctuary
I had reached home
to you!

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