Why am I drawn to the light like a moth,
whether it’s from the moon or synthetic?
How long must a moth be fooled by light bulbs
before it can tell the real from the fake?

A misunderstood mouse flying on fingers
fares a whole lot better at nights than me,
despite being almost blind, it has its’ words,
high pitched, painting flawless the world around!

Unlike a cicada I have no ultrasound,
so I need a route unpolished by Eve, Adam
and their descendants, plotting for prosperity
or I’ll always be fooled by the lure of their lights!

But then, even if I could reach the moon I would have known,
the light that brought me there from earth had never been her own!



42 thoughts on “A Moth’s Tale

  1. Yeah, like moths – we are attracted to the darndest things. Bright light. Gorgeous words. Are they real? I don’t know. Are we the only one being fooled? Probably not. Beautiful poem, my friend 🙂

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    1. 🙂 it is said there are always two sides of the story… so may be even the electric bulbs think that the moths are fooling them by not being angels drawn to their light… they are sadly true… for the light of the moon had never been her own!

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                    1. I love bees, even when they sting! because all they are doing is trying to defend their habitat and next generation by sacrificing their lives… what can be more heroic than that? thanks a lot!

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  2. This is a painful tale my friend. Your ability to make the reader connect with your poetry is unique. I think more than the light, that moth looks for a bit of warmth..
    May you have a beautiful day my friend and I hope you slept a bit more 😀 😀

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      1. 😀 😀 best affair! It is waaaay beyond my sleep time. But the first day of work after vacation is always hard to go to bed. It is 11:45 pm 🙂 and I should bid you night night from this side of the world.

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