For Farzana Parveen, a three months pregnant woman from Lahore, Pakistan stoned to death in 2014 by a mob led by her father for marrying the man she loved…
Watch and Listen to a reading of the poem by me.


Dear Death has been waiting for my favors,
for quite a long time now, perhaps tonight
I shall grant him his yearned consummation
and say, now that’s done, I’m glad it’s over!

An immortal life waits beyond the bright sun,
where harmony and mellow dreams are born,
so this is no marriage in its’ simple form
but in fact a rebirth, a renaissance!

Bid me not adieu though I’m shortly marrying Death,
it’s not the end but a much brighter beginning,
so make merry and some music too, for tonight
Death is my panting groom and I, his happy bride!



44 thoughts on “Marrying Death

        1. of course not, I just added another point with your “heart wrenching”… though you can say the poem tried to glorify the woman’s death (as if she willingly chose to get it over with)

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          1. Sir I meant the pain was very well expressed. I’m a party to the pain, not as severe as The Lady’s, had faced the wrath along with my wife of in laws, 20 years back. So can easily relate.

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            1. P.S: and please sir, drop the ‘sir’ or I will make you British knight too… and being from the sub continent there is nothing more humiliating than being a knight of the British empire!

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  1. What thinking is this?…
    I dont understand ,she loved him and he loved her.They married each other,it’s that simple..
    Was it that difficult to understand to her father..
    Really upsetting and egoistic mind…of such people

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    1. you can find the details of the incident in the link provided in her name on the dedication…. their point of view is once a daughter marries as she wishes the family is missing out on social advancement and if she happens to marry beneath her social standing, the peer pressure by the society on her family would be fatal… so along with the monstrous father I also blame the society that instigates such things and the police stood motionless (as sub continental polices often do, except when making political arrests) because it was a family matter!!

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  2. This makes me so sad. To think that others feel they hold that much authority over another person, a couple, a families life is appalling and cruel. It lacks all integrity and love … they will rue the day they decided to use free will in this manner.

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