We Are, Both!

We Are, Both!

do not shake your head

in kindled vehemence
we are not angels,
neither God!

As human beings with consciousness,
latent at birth and later
buried miles under
the mounds
of stories,
we are
and evil,
and ignorant.
Our thoughts can be
both vicious and virtuous.
The contrast lies in our acceptance!

If knowledge does not admit her ignorance,
if virtues do not confess her evil thoughts,
and if light never meets the darkness
on the other side, the ignorance
overflows and the evil inside
in silence grows,
brought up by
our reluctance
to wake up and
open our eyes.
And evil, overgrown, lurks
in our subconscious minds,
as we live our conscious life
without a shred of conscience.
With only our virtues thoroughly
and consciously emphasized, the evil
permeates our thoughts and feelings about
all others, everyone, except the face we see
introspecting, or in an ordinary mirror on the wall!

To A Friend

To A Friend
Dedicated to thatmishmash


An angel you are too, I have no doubt
with divine wings! Well, clipped perhaps if I
submit to what you say and I would have,
had I not known, the wings of an angel
always heal and regenerate with time!

See, how your words make others tread the sky
on their ethereal wings, bolstered with hope
and a better reckoning in their eyes,
a grand feat worthy of angels alone,
who can bestow their wings to common minds!

And this too I know that you are a saint,
canonized by the spring of Helicon
for love and all yielding admissions, so I pray –
may the God of love let you be on His pageant!



Dit√ęlindjen G√ęzuar*

Dit√ęlindjen G√ęzuar*
to Dajena Mason


                                                                is                 my
                                                   humble                      effort
                                          to wish                                 an angel
                                    from the                                           Adriatic
                                     shore to                                       mark  the
                                        auspicious                            day of her
                                                       birth that made the
                                                             world  a  little
                                                                less darker

than it was before! This I know firsthand, how she lights up the world
with her kind words and deeds like the sun on hazy days or the moon
in dark nights!
And that is merely the tip of her numerous virtues
and skills, the most
gifted and versatile poetess in this realm of
all the blogging quills!
What can the likes of me, a mere erring
mortal man, wish for her,
the very incarnation of Artemis on
planet earth,
except these mediocre whispers that say, 

may she enjoy a memorable
and a very


¬†*This is my first attempt at concrete poetry and as I have never been an artist, I hope you will be lenient to¬†the distorted output. To Dajena, I apologize for its’ premature birth. I hope you¬†will not¬†find it too irksome!

Waiting For The Words

Waiting For The Words
Dedicated to Dajena Mason


But then we need eagle eyes and mammoth hearts
to discover beauty in this carnage
by supposedly peaceful religions
and benign governments, their counterparts!

Or be like the Angel in Vatican
on her holy throne, the humblest among
all the men of powers in today’s world
and sing of love, unrequited nonetheless!

Thus I wreathed and pined with my quill at hand
drought parched, waiting for the words to unfurl
while dozens of my alter egos died
in bloodstained Lahore and Brussels this year
and Paris in the last, the rest already dead
in old Nineveh, Palmyra and Palestine,
until the queen of Mount Helicon rose and sang
her Aeolian song that sprinkled me with the wine of Hippocrene
and lo, how a fiery phoenix from the ashes is born
to sing of eternal peace and love on his unfurled wings!



Free Fall

Free Fall

Then the strings snapped and my free fall began!
In a solid cage of iron and steel
swiftly down I went through the way it came
and it felt like I was free falling from
the Eden itself, our primordial home!
I am always a fan of gravity,
the certain way it brings us down to earth,
however high in life we may have come!

In that confined darkness an angel came
and urged me to be as brave as one ought
to accept, life will always come to naught
except in our rebellious dreams and words!

Yes I know, I told her, that is my lot
and then with a loud thud the falling stopped!