Dedicated to Dajena Mason


The victors will be welcome forever,
for I just love to concede, not without
a hearty fight of course, to determine
if my guest is a true victor inside!

And those that prove their worth are then transformed
from the level of a guest to the height
of a dear friend by the fire of my home,
befriended in heart for the rest of this life!

There are, sadly though, more victors of mouth
than of heart nowadays but the latter
has by no means gone extinct, have no doubt,
I have known a few in the recent years
and one of them I sing of is an angel, true
the one that sends her letters in a dazzling shade of blue!



21 thoughts on “To The Victors

  1. Such a beautiful poem. I feel I share this filtering pattern of yours in my heart, before I decide to make friends out of acquaintances. The line “victors of heart are not extinct” is certainly optimistic. Cheers to the angel, courtesy of whom I had the pleasure of reading this wonderful poem.

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  2. …what a wonderful tribute to an angel who writes in blue and i second your thoughts….there are more victors of mouth than of the heart…but as you rightly point out they have not become extinct yet, as is evidenced here. Charming words… 🙂

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  3. I really like to read your poems.
    Sorry, I was disappear for sometimes because of my exam so I can’t read your poems.
    But, this one is another good piece of writing.
    Thanks for sharing with us

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