My virtues ebb and rise
but my sins remain perpetual!
So your conviction is virtuous
but my love is the sin!
I am a polygon
with infinite points on my edge
that fade into nothing
without the simple one at my heart!
You can see me, of course,
once the smoke of love recedes
and the fog of life subsides
but with a ceiling on my dreams
I’m negated instantaneously!
Though to see and know me are different
and each is too often antonymous
to the other one but if you still want
to know and belong in my universe,
define me with tautology and calculus!



50 thoughts on “Clues To My Universe

  1. I think what I wrote earlier is misunderstood… They claim that any person actually only utilizes ten percent of their brain capacity, while the other 90% is idle. II have never been anything at maths, although I am very fascinated by the topic…and according to the claim about the 90%, that means that most of my brain is not really doing anything–mine and everyone else. I will find the post that I am referring to and send the link, it was a discussion in one of the WordPress classes I took, they asked “what would you do if you could unlock the other ninety percent?” πŸ™‚

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          1. back to beginning is best, “they” are working hard to shoot down the whole idea. I’ll send you info on a very good source…the best thing is to get an idea of what its about then find “one of them” … it isn’t hard, “they” say that maybe 80% of the children coming into the world now are Indigo. Hopefully these are the people that will save us all from oblivion!

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  2. my consciousness is surrounded by wonderful things of maths…swirling just outside my brain-universe…if I let it flood inside I am afraid it will set all the other files in the brain afloat…I wish I knew how to unlock the supposed other 90% on brain capacity.

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          1. oh, ok. I don’t have my google handy…and I find inadequate. The brain is a wonderful thing–how is that for an understatement?– πŸ™‚ I am of only normal intelligence but some of my great-grandchildren have brilliant minds…the newer generation of children seem to grow intellectually.

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        1. no no, please do not be sorry…. I think I failed to convey my messages clearly… I hope you have seen the movie Lucy where they talk about the 10% and what would have happened if the remaining 90% could have been stimulated, I was fascinated by the claim


          1. I was afraid I might have offended you, and I never want to offend anyone. Email and instant messaging and all that will never replace in person discussion…one can tell right away if they are being misunderstood. πŸ™‚

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  3. Your words create an air of mystery…and I love the analogy of the pointed edged polygon whilst at the centre all is simplicity. The wheel of life comes to mind with it’s numerous spokes whilst in the centre the hub turns on a still point. Deep profound words and I chuckle at the mention of calculus and tautology! I had to look the latter word up…repetition, duplication etc and I have learnt a new word. As for Maths…we have tolerated eachother in the past. I am never sure of the use of the word “sins”…ah, that will be my Roman Catholic upbringing and Original SIN…..I prefer to use the word entanglements from the Aramaic translation…but that is another issue for another day. What I am trying to say in my long-winded storyteller way is that I enjoyed reading your poem my friend. It stirred the grey matter…………….😊

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    1. you have my sincere apologies for the unwitting use of the word. I am humbled by the generous way you have detailed your appreciations. along with repetition and duplication, tautology also deals with universal truths…. and stirring the audience is indeed the haughtiest laurel a poem can ever hope to attain. My gratitude!


      1. Please do not apologize my friend, it was merely my reacting to past conditionings…looking back I now have a clearer understanding of what must be swept clean…thank you once again for causing a most welcome disturbance!

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    1. you are the wordsmith of emotions! Well as tautology deals with universal truths and calculus with continuous fluxes, I think they symbolize human attributes in the sense that some are universal across nations, borders and cultures, while some in a perpetual flux. I am grateful for your generous words!

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    1. you have my sincere apologies! πŸ˜€ and please do not read my poem An Atom if you have an exam on quantum theory! best of luck for the test…. Mathematics is the language the universe talks to us in.

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      1. I read that yesterday. πŸ™‚ physics(and everything under) is my favourite subject, and I really loved that poem. I’m a CS graduate, so even tho I love maths, it’s bugging me these days. Y’know, feel of explosions inside your head, and then smoke.. πŸ’¨ πŸ˜‡
        Thanks for your wishes. πŸ™‚ I’ll give my best insha Allah..

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